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THE LOVE charm with Gemstone Bracelet

THE LOVE charm with Gemstone Bracelet

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  • Materials: Gemstone 
  • Bead Size: 8mm  
  • Bracelets Size : 19cm / 7.5 "  Elastic String 

Romantic Love: Romantic love involves passionate feelings and desires towards a romantic partner. It often includes physical attraction, emotional intimacy, and a strong bond.

Familial Love: Familial love is the affection and loyalty shared between family members, such as parents and children, siblings, and extended relatives.

Platonic Love: Platonic love is non-romantic affection and deep friendship between individuals. It involves caring deeply for a friend’s well-being and happiness. 

Self-Love: Self-love, or self-care, is the practice of valuing and nurturing oneself. It involves accepting oneself unconditionally and taking steps to promote personal growth and well-being.

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