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Evil Eye with Gemstone Bracelet For Good luck

Evil Eye with Gemstone Bracelet For Good luck

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  • Materials: Gemstone 
  • Bead Size: 8mm  
  • Bracelets Size : 19cm / 7.5 "  Elastic String 

Protection &  Good luck & Powerful

Orange evil eye:

Used for protection and happiness

Inspires motivation and commitment

Increases playfulness and creativity

Dark blue evil eye:

Calm and relaxation

Fate and karma protection 

Smooth flow of communication

Light blue evil eye:

Broadens your perspective

Offers general protection

Gives peace and solitude

Dark green evil eye:

Brings balance in your life

Promotes happiness in life

Give you the freedom to chase new dreams

Red evil eye:

Gives more energy and enthusiasm

Gives you courage

Protects you from fears and anxieties

Brown evil eye:

Connects you with nature

Protects you from the elements

Provides convention and order

Purple evil eye:

Removes obstacles in your path

Boosts your imagination

Acts to re-balance your life

Gold or Yellow evil eye:

Provides relief from exhaustion

Protects your health

Better concentration and sharpens the mind

Grey evil eye:

Reduces the intensity of another color

Protects you from sorrow

Opens the mind to new situations

Light green evil eye:

Promotes good health

Gives you contentment

Guides you towards success with your dreams

White evil eye:

Clears clutter and obstacles

Gives focus and purity

Allows you to start fresh in life

Pink evil eye:

Provides relaxation and contentment

Protects your friendships

Gives you a calming feeling

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