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Seven Chakras Tree of life Chips Stone Necklace

Seven Chakras Tree of life Chips Stone Necklace

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  • Materials: Seven chakras gemstone chips; Metal parts; Brass Chain.
  • Pendant Size: 5cm/ 2" 
  • Chain Size : 45cm+5cm / 18"+2"
  • For: Men, Women, Boys, and Girls.
  • Packing: Every Necklace with Meaning Card 

  • We Grow Stronger Together 
    The concept of a sacred tree, also known as the Tree of Life, can be found in creation myths from all over the world. The Tree of Life has been spotted in art, architecture, and iconography from different cultures. 
    The Tree of Life is a symbol of unity, representing the idea that all life on earth is connected: though we may branch out in various directions, each of us is part of something bigger. It honors the diversity of creation while celebrating our shared origins. It is no wonder the Tree of Life is regarded as a timeless, legendary icon.

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